Health Impact Partnership.

Beyond charity, high impact philanthropy.


Healthcare for those with little or no access today.
Funding and partnerships for sustainable impact.


Funding Model

HIP's charitable funding model bridges impact investing and philanthropy by pooling donations to HIP and making charitable donations/grants and charitable investments in for- and nonprofit social enterprises and charitable organizations that are improving equitable access to healthcare and have a path to financial sustainability.

Partnering Model

HIP helps social enterprises and charitable organizations to design and implement innovative partnerships across the public, civil society and private health sectors that draw on the strengths of each and unlock unique funding opportunities.

Social Enterprise Funding Model Overview


We pool tax-deductible donations from a broad base of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and individuals.


We make program-related investments and performance-based grants in social enterprises ready to scale their market-oriented business models.


We accelerate sustainable improvements in healthcare outcomes.

Increased "social return on investment" for donors. Compelling examples of social enterprise success to share with stakeholders. Impact investment knowhow for continuous improvement in performance.

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We invest new donations and investment returns back into our mission.


Health Impact Partnership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to accelerate improvements in healthcare access and delivery in under-funded healthcare sectors and underserved communities in low-income countries.

We do this through innovative approaches to funding and partnering.

Our funding model focuses on social enterprises and charities that are improving access to healthcare in communities at or near the base of the income pyramid.

HIP also assists social enterprises and charitable organizations to structure and implement innovative partnerships across the public, civil society and private health sectors that help them achieve their potential for sustainable impact.
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Partner with us

  • As a Donor Partner

    Your donations provide HIP with social investment capital and operating funds.

    Diversify your philanthropy and improve your "sustainable social return" to help meet your corporate social responsibility and philanthropic goals in healthcare.

    Join your peers to support enterprises that are successfully pursuing private sector solutions to healthcare challenges in developing countries.

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  • As a Co-Investor Network Member

    Today's social enterprises require support from a range of stakeholders.

    If your organization invests in or provides in-kind support to social healthcare enterprises in developing countries,join our Co-investor Network.

    HIP accelerates its impact by co-investing with other organizations and initiatives, including corporate volunteerism programs.

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  • As a Social Enterprise Investee

    If you are a for- or non-profit social enterprise with a mission driven, market-oriented business in a developing country that fits the profile below, we would like to learn more about your organization.

    You provide healthcare access or delivery at or near the base of the pyramid in an underfunded health sector or underserved community;

    You have successfully emerged beyond proof of concept and require financing to achieve sustainability and scale to your potential;

    You are interested in being considered for financing by HIP.

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  • As a Service Partner

    As a non-profit, HIP depends on in-kind support and advice from pro-bono service partners and advisors in addition to monetary donations.

    If you have expertise that could help HIP achieve its mission and are interested in getting involved, please contact us.

    Health Impact Partnership gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following Service Partners:

    Legal Services

    Baker McKenzie
    Cooley LLP
    International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP)
    McCarter & English, L.L.P.
    John Powers, Esq., a volunteer attorney of ISLP

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